Privacy Policy 隐私政策

Fast OCR Privacy Policy

Fast OCR takes your privacy very seriously. Please read the following to learn more about Fast OCR Privacy Policy (“Policy”). This policy details how translators receive, collect and use information related to us.

快识图(OCR) 隐私政策

快识图非常重视您的隐私。请阅读以下内容以了解有关 快识图 隐私政策(“政策”)的更多信息。本政策详细说明了 一键读图 如何接收、收集和使用与我们相关的信息。

How we collect information

We collect information from your computer and/or device when you use the Site. This information may include your IP address, your browser type and language, access times, the content of any undeleted cookies that your browser previously accepted form us (see “Cookies” below).

We may collect anonymous information. Our products do not handle confidential or personal data. Anonymous information refers to information that cannot directly or indirectly identify you, such as IP address, access time, browser version. We use anonymous information only to count the number of installations of this extension and will not identify you directly or indirectly.


当您使用本网站时,我们会从您的计算机和/或设备中收集信息。该信息可能包括您的 IP 地址、您的浏览器类型和语言、访问时间、您的浏览器之前从我们这里接受的任何未删除的 cookie 的内容(请参阅下面的“cookie”)。 



Like any other website, Fast OCR uses cookies. These cookies are used to store information, including the anonymous identity of visitors. This information is used to count the installation amount of this extension.Cookie 和网络信标


与任何其他网站一样,一键读图使用 cookie。这些 cookie 用于存储信息,包括访问者的匿名标识。该信息用于统计本扩展安装量。